Test track and Commissioning Facility 04 11 2014

Rail and surface cable chase trays have been delivered to the staging area adjacent to the south kiss and ride short term parking area a the Greenbelt station. The precast deck panels for the parking garage in Greenbelt yard are also being staged there.

Interior work on the Commissioning Facility building continues. The structural work on the parking garage appear to be nearly complete.

Grading is moving alone in preparation for the building the sub grade.

WMATA has taken delivery of a 5th 7k car.

This is pure speculation on my part but I believe the 5th 7k car is the first car of the initial option of 64 cars. I base that on the fact that the prototypes testing and evaluation program was scheduled to run about 3 months. It began shortly after the prototype set arrived on the property back in late December 2013 early January 2014. If it we might see the first 8 car train of 7k cars put in to revenue service sometime this summer.

The following was added on 04 14 2014

I have sense learned the car is 7062. It is the car on the lift in the 7000-Series Factory Tour & Test Drive youtube clip. Seems the car has been at Greenbelt Yard for at least a month.

Greenbelt Yard parking garage deck panel. Surface cable chase trays. Rail.
Mill mark on rail. Commissioning Facility shop. Commissioning Facility shop.
Parking Garage. Parking Garage.
Grading north of Greenbelt Road.

Grading south of Greenbelt Road.

7k cars.
7k Prototype set on shop track 2. 7k Prototype set on shop track 2. 7k Prototype set on shop track 2.

Pictures at picasaweb.google.com/cambronj Greenbelt Test Track and Commissioning Facility